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Friday, May 22, 2015

Look whats in their backpacks!

People ask if they are different or alike. Here's the difference! 
Trista- LEFT
Sadie- RIGHT

I'm wondering if we have a future episode of Hoarders of America on our hands. Throughout the year I would empty her backpack and find the funniest/craziest random things in it! Yesterday I emptied her backpack to wash it and this is what I found, all. kinds. of. knick knacks. Sadie will dig random things OUT OF THE TRASH and I will find them in all kinds of drawers, pockets, name it, she keeps it. When I clean out their rooms, 2x a year, I have to wait till she is not around to throw out the trash. I have to put it in a bag and walk it to the big cans outside for her to not find it. Sound familiar, Lara?? :) keep us entertained , amused and on our toes. We Love you.

Trista is much more like her mother....a minimalist, less is more kinda kid. Keepin things Simple.

Speaking of 100 year olds.......a peek into the future!
One of the parents took pics of all the kids and used an APP to transform their face to show them at 100 years old. 
(Yes, there's an app for that:)

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