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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas Fun with Mimi and Papa T

I did not take one photo while at Moms (juju). We were having a puppy crisis and was pre occupied.
Chris decided to surprise the girls and  ME with a puppy and lets just say it did not go over well. 
December is ALWAYS crazy. Xmas cards which lacked big time this year, clients gifts, family gifts, birthday and year end parties and appointments have changed my opinion of Xmas to one word....... Bahumbug!!
Our Big 6 year olds!! Thank you Aunti Jenny and Uncle Steve(oni) for our outfits and footed owl PJ's
 Mimi helping me hem by pants! Thank you. She is an excellent seamstress! She handmade a silk shower robe that is so cute.

 relaxing on a cold winters day
 A little spa time
Mimi helping the girls make Xmas Cookies.....for the 2nd time
We got all kinds of goodies for Xmas.
Papa Tom made them homemade bunkbeds for their American Girl adorablel. They love it and play with it all the time and they got tickets to Childrens Theater downtown and we got american girl doll outfits and clothes and DOODLE paper.......kuddos to the DOODLE paper, best gift ever....seriously!
Juju got us: our first AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS with Accessories!!
We love all our gifts. 

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