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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Venice Catherine Sweet Thurmon: Grandmother

Its no fun making these posts but going thru all the photos and memories makes me realize just how fortunate we are to be a part of and loved by such wonderful people.
You helped me hide in the blueberry bush so I wouldnt have to ride the horse
You let me watch a baby calf being born
You had soft mints in the freezer at Christmas time
We played Button Button on the steps at the barn house
You taught me how to shell peas
The red coat on the fence told Grandad it was time for dinner
You always got me bubble gum from the bank in Dyersburg
You taught me how to make your AMAZING granola
You showed me a very secret tip when making bread
You would giggle till you had tears in your eyes
You would dance arm and arm, round and round to Davy Crockett with me
You always had pretty, matching spring colors on that always looked good with your white hair
You were an amazing cook
You never spanked me
You were just 56 days shy of being 99 years old
You loved ONE man 78 years-Inspirational
You would let me hide in your closet at the farm house to spy on people in the living room thru the vent
You let me play dress up with your silk night gowns
You gave me $ for clothes when I started to work at the bank. Said, "I needed to dress professional"
You help with my schooling which allowed me to have a 4 year degree and no school loans ( i worked too)
You loved it when I rubbed your feet and put lotion on them
The smell of Oil of Olay reminds me of you
You would always let me pull the lose skin from your tiny hands. You said it was because you were old and I said it was soft.
People use to say I looked like you and I always took it as a compliment
You loved me and I loved you back so much
You were a lady with class
You were the best. 
I love you and will miss you so much!

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