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Monday, October 13, 2014



What a great trip! The girls were just the right age and height to ride the rides. We got into Florida about 1am Sunday morning. We stayed at an RCI....Silver Springs Resort which was very nice. Full kitchen, over 1500 s.q feet with plenty of space. It had its on theater on site, 3 heated pools, cabana bar and grill on the pool deck and lots of family activities. A huge thank you to Flo and Trevor for the week in Florida!!
Sunday: we slept in and then went to Cocoa Beach for the day. Girls loved the beach, sand and building sandcastles.
Monday we did Downtown Disney (bibbidi bobbidi boutique) where the girls had their hair, nails and make-up done....a PRINCESSES dream.(thanks Juju) Poor chris had a 12 hour bug and was under the weather for a bit but didnt stop him from seeing the girls get all pretty.
Tuesday: Sea World....where else can you see killer whales and dolphins up close
Wednesday: Disney World which consisted of Cotton candy, roller coaster rides, funnel cakes and a 125 minute wait in line for a MEET AND GREET with Elsa and Anna....the whole reason why we came:)
Thursday: we just hung out by the pool all day and relaxed. 
Friday: I woke up with the grud and was miserable for our 12 hour ride home. If I was gonna get it this would have been the day though. 
And of course after a trip like that you need 2 days to recoup, clean out and wash clothes!!!
Chris was back to reality, up at 3am for a route to Lexington and Louisville Monday morning. 
Thats 2 theme parks, lodging comped, gas, food and blow money all for a family of 4 for $2000!!

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