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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sadie(Race-the neighbor boy) Trista
March 2014

When everything and everyone else around us were having blizzards, the snow cloud was completely missing us Nashvillians! But this particular day we got a snow day and I really hoped it was our last.
I love SNOW but not the cold.
Last weekend 70 degrees...two days later 20 degrees and snowing!
The girls just spent a week at JuJu's and Papa.. aka.. The Compound- Thanks Mom!
I was able to get much needed CE classes out of the way before my License expires in June. Yes, I have two years to get 16 hours done and I waited till 4 months before to get it all done:)
The girls are still in MDO 2 days a week but have decided to not put them in the Summer Program just so I have this last summer with them before Kindergarten!!. Ekkk!
Cant really afford to keep them out with my work but I have a few fun things I'm going to sign them up for such as Dance Camp in June and Gymnastic Camp in July. August they start school and in October.....we go to DISNEY!! We have/are saved/Saving for our big trip and cannot wait to see Cinderellas Castle, Ana and Elsa, Repunzel, Belle, Arial......oh and of course...Mickey and Minnie!!
Spring is in the air and I cant wait......... 
Bike rides, Snow Cones, cool tub splashing, picnics and lots of sunshine:)

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