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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When it rains, it pours

Silly Sadie

 she loves rocky

Teranasaurus Trista

Ahhh! Let the flu/sick season begin. Its been a rough week and yesterday was one of those days. Sadie had the flu, trista had a melt down when she realized chris ate her "pink" icecream, I had a UTI, Rocky has fleas and is banned from the house, Navigator had a dead battery, chriss bike wouldnt start, the hot water heater wasnt working- so no shower for me, cold and rainy and I had a ton of real estate stuff to catch up on!! Pretty good day to be at home until I had to meet my client at work to get some signatures and the kids stayed in the car with a DVD player that now does NOT work. By the time I got home sadies temp was 102.6, got dinner ready, left to show a rental property at 6 and in bed at 9. Sadie is feeling better btw! What is up with these 24 hour bugs or flu like symptoms? I am not complaining but all I know is Trista is usually next, then me, then chris. 
Above was the outfit Sadie picked out when I told her to go get dressed. The pictures of Trista are by Sadie the photographer. 

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