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Monday, August 5, 2013

July Happenings

SADIE 4.5 years
 Sadie and Trista- Hawaiian day at school.
 TRISTA eatin Rice at Thai Rest.
Happy July.
I'm going to pretend that I did not completely skip July and go ahead and post pics from July because that's when these were actually taken. 
What is wrong with me??? I just cannot keep up with this anymore. I'm telling you...the older they get the more busy I am. They require more entertainment. And trust me there are days that I completely have to blow them off cause I'm working on the computer or on the phone with a client/lender. 
I sometimes feel guilty that my nose is always in my phone does allow us to do fun things, go fun places and have nicer things:) We have lived at the YMCA pool. You all can swim all by yourself now without floaties and you ride your bikes like champs! 
Wouldcha just look a them!? They are a hot mess and full of all kinds of silly. 
They just got back from a week at Juju's THANKS MOM!! They were in MDO this summer. Hated to do it but it is my busiest time of year and I cant blow work off. And besides its only two days a week. 
Next week, Aug. 13th they start Pre-K and then next year KINDERGARTEN!! I cannot believe it!
Trista you are starting to be more dependent on Sadie. Noticing that you all wont do things without the other one. Sadie you are my little spit fire. You are independent, quick wit, full of facial expressions(hence, pic. above) and you are sassy. Trista you LOVE to sing and I love to hear you sing.  You both dress yourselves, bath yourselves, brush your own teeth and you even know how to separate lights from darks with the laundry....I taught you that. Its a big help too. You both know how to spell your name. You know your days of the week, months of the year. Letters numbers, shapes and colors. Sadie you are good at picking out outfits that match. Trista...not so much. 
I love you girls. I have so enjoyed being home with you this summer. 

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