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Monday, December 24, 2012

Where does time go? The BIG 4 and oh how they've changed

I cannot believe where time has gone. It seems like yesterday this time four years ago I was waddling into the hospital. were anxiously awaited, utterly loved from head to toe and you are without a doubt mamas little drama queens.
You are contantly told how tall you are and what long legs you have. In grew 4...yup FOUR inches from Aug. 8th to December 20th. I think we could call that  a growth spurt. Trista are currently 41 inches tall. You have GORGEOUS strawberry blond, with natural highlighted hair. Both your eyes are blue. Sadie you are just a tad shorter...1 inch...coming in at 40 inches tall. You both wear the same size shoe...a 9 but are both very picky if they dont fit JUST RIGHT! You both love for things to match especially socks.  You are both big helpers. You keep your room clean, you love your chalk board wall I made you for you birthday, you are good about bringing your plates to the sink, you love to do things yourself, you clean up after yourself if you spill, your knew thing is that you love to crack the eggs for breakfast.(I've chomped on quite a few shells:/
You love your baby doll strollers, baby crib and highchair for your dollies that Mimi and Papa Tom got you for your birthday.
These past four years have been so fun, so exhausting, so busy, so challenging at times, so much all about you two.
Here are a few things that have made me chuckle:

Me: You better not eat all that candy or your teeth will fall out
Sadie: "like wawa (lara)"

At breakfast one morning after handing them the cereal box and explaining to them to only take what they will eat and not waste cause little girls just like them are starving somewhere Sadie replied "we are starving"

After making holiday cookies Sadie asked who they were for. I told her they were for some people we knew to which Sadie replied, "we are people."

One evening I was getting ready for a date with Chris and Trista was "putting on makeup"  with  me. She put some eye shadow on and some lipstick. She grabbed the mirror out of my drawer to look at herself and said, "yeah, I'm pretty"

You are my pretty girls. Love you to pieces!

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