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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving at Mimi and Papa Toms

New Scooters from Papa Tom and Mimi

Sadie riding all by herself without training wheels

She rode over 1 mile with us!!

Sadie has been riding her bike without training wheels for a while. Since she got it she has not stopped. She rides all over. Seeing how she cant go on the road by herself she has gotten a lot of off road experience. She can even stand up while she pedals.  Trista still loves her hot wheel three wheeler. She shows no interest in learning how to ride her bike without training wheels. No rush  she'll get it when she's ready. This was over TG  at Mimi and Papa Toms place.

We arrived in Chattanooga for TG Wednesday evening, late! The traffic was terrible but we finally got there. Erin, Gavin and the cousins came over the next day. The girls loved playing with their cousins, jumping in the bounce house, funky shaped pancakes made by Papa Tom, park swinging, bike riding, scooter pushing and our COUSINS shirts!!

We had a delicious TG meal complete with Cranberry sauce, stuffing, Turkey(real) and fake(dinner favorite) mashed potatoes, salad and sweet potatoes with marshmallow. Homemade Pumpkin Pie that Erin made that was delicious. I was proud of myself. Only had one helping and small portions. Friday was started out with the alarm going off at 5am(4am Nash.time) to hit some black friday sales.Later that day mom and papa Tom watched the kids while we went on an 18 mile off road bike ride trail at the VW plant. Really nice ride---a bit excessive riding but after all we were with Gavin who excessive about riding. Burned off all the TG meal from the day before though.We headed home Sat. afternoon. Thank you Mimi and Papa Tom for a wonderful TG, The food was fabulous and your company is always enjoyed!!

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