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Monday, December 24, 2012

Off to Texas to see about a little man named Parks

Buhumbug...even Mickey doesnt wanna fly this plane
Parks Tucker
Angela went to the bathtub....and caught a shark!
Their birthday was on Saturday and we left Sunday the next morning at 4am to head to Texas with Mom T.
It was a 12 hour trip in which the girls did great. All four us girls, that is. Sadie and Trista were Ipad entertained and except for an occasional squabble in the back followed by a much needed nap they did great. Chris had to work(thank you hun) so we headed down to see them since we knew they would not be able to make the trip to TN as previously planned for Christmas. Parks is in his 3rd round of Chemo. He is doing great. Mom and dad are holding up well. I cant  even imagine the stress they have to deal with. Lara and I took Parks to his chemo on Wednesday. We sat and waited for 4 hours and it only took them 5 minutes to give the Chemo. Better that way than the other way around, right!? He is a tough, strong little dude. So proud of him and Jonathan and Angela. Hate that they have to go thru this and wish we were closer to help out.
The girls broke in all of Parks toys while we were there and every now and then I saw them sneak a kiss on his blanket or arm. He was on his 6th day of steroids while we were there so he was a bit of Sponge bob fussy pants but considering all that is he is going thru he was a sweet boy to be around. He LOVES his stroller rides and his back pack excursions.... around the house....on Jonathans back. We loved seeing you guys!! XOXO to all. Miss those neck kisses, Parks!
Sadie asked the other day when we were going to see Parks again AND the other night they took their shoes off outside the front door. :)

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