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Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday,girls. Your wish was my command

 It was a small you can see

Tristas Request: Cinderella Cake
Sadies request: Spiderman


I was a little sad this year about not making their bday  cakes myself but I have many more years. This year was a little different as you can see on the next post.
Your day was filled with all kinds of fun. We didnt do a big party this year with lots of kids we just did a family day.We took the girls to breakfast at the Pfunky Griddle where they could choose their pancake topping. Sadie chose banana, sprinkles and choc.chips Trista chose M&Ms, sprinkles and choco chips. The batter was multigrain and it was fabulous. We had scrambled eggs and a bowl of fruit. We then took them to the BIG SCREEN....bigger than our screen to see a Christmas movie and then home to have cake and ice cream with a few favorite people....their friends.
There are definitely advantage and disadvantages to having a birthday  on December 15th.
Advantage: YOU GET A TON OF GIFTS in a short time frame. We don't have to buy you much. Your gifts  can be combined which means they are nicer gifts :)
Disadvantage's: Its a crazy, busy time of year. I put your Bday gifts under the tree and I wrapped them in Xmas paper. Your Bday always has to be inside....for the most part.
What you got.
Warm outfits dolls and a new set of plates and bowls from Titi and Uncle Bill
Warm outfits from Cousins Preston and England
"Glass" slippers and Strawberry shortcake from Mom and Dad
A water slide from Glen
Harley Shirts from Race
A gas GO CART from Mimi, Papa Tom and Juju! Trista has already rode it several times. They have to grow into it a little but i think once they get the hang of it they'll LOVE it.

A Ballarina outfit and Hello kitty house shoes from Aunti Jen and Oni (uncle Steve)
Hello Kitty hoodie, spiderman and Hulk toothbrush, stickers, Cinderella gummie vitamins & bandaids, and headbands from Auntie Ang and Oni Johnny (imcle Jonathan)

All kinds of goodies from Mexico, a egg plant, nail polish, ring, headbands, Diva drawing board, ABC mucial book and CD from Wawa

You loved all your gifts and your ice cream cakes.

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