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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Haircut #2 since they were born

I had made an appointment to get my hair cut a couple weeks ago. Trista said she wanted to get her hair cut too. Rather than have the girl who does my hair(too much $$) do her hair I decided we'd go down the road to Super Cuts. We walked into the place, the lady had a super cute animal cape for her to wear, a booster seat ready, a sucker in hand and all of the sudden Trista FROZE. She did not want to get in the chair. So we left! Glad I saved the money cause chris did just as good of a job as she would have. After a summer of pool fun and 2 years since their last haircut they really needed the dry ends cut off. So just a trim it was. I tell them everyday what gorgeous hair they have:) I think they get told everyday we are in public what beautiful hair they have.  People pay big $$$'s to have natural highlights like they do.

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