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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spider Man & the rescue

There comes a time when you just have to let go and let them be. And thats what I did. I was really pushing for Punky Brewster or Rainbow Bright but when asked....they or I should say Sadie consistantley said, "Spider Man." I know Trista would have been whatever I wanted her to be but she did mention Woody a few times and my friend, who has BOYS, just so happen to have both costumes! Thank you Kendra for saving me $40 on costumes. Costumes are not cheap and yet they are cheap material. Sadie was so excited when I picked her up from childcare and showed her the spider man outfit. I wish I'd had a camera to catch her expression. I knew then that it was so worth just letting her be what she wanted. I think the inspiration came from when we went to a friends house, who are also twin boys, had both Woody and spiderman costumes that they dressed up in. The crazy thing is that it was a year ago they did that. They evidently did not forget. We brought the cosutmes homes about a week before Halloween. Of course they wanted to play in them right away so I let them. Big mistake. Trista lost the Woody hat within 30 minutes. I combed the yard, the neighbors yard, the house but the hat was not be be found. So, the day of Halloween I set out to find a woody hat. I found that LOTS of people, like me, wait till the day of Halloween to get their costumes. Long day short I tried 4 different places and the last place I checked had a Woody Hat. We were set. We went to a neighborhood just a few miles up the road and walked for about an hour. Race their best bud and playmate went also. Plastic pumpkins were full of candy, their tummys already ached and it was 1 hour past bedtime, so we headed home. Jacob and Katherine, our new neighbors, were ready to greet....SCARE any tricker treaters that came to their door but were very disappointed when we told them that we'd been here 6 years and never had a tricker treater. So they scared the girls. Trista did fine but sadie did not like their face paint and fake blood at all. I know. My pumpkin carving was not real original or creative but that's as good as I get;)

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