Growing up too fast....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Of Course I can tell them apart

Its been almost 4 years and I still get the question, "Can you tell them apart?" Of course I can tell them apart. I am with them from barely sun up till sundown. Seven days a week with an hour break a day. Going thru their clothes and shoes the other day I kinda chuckled out loud when I saw their shoes. I can tell who wears which shoes. The shoes on the LEFT are SADIES and he shoes on the RIGHT are TRISTAS. Sadie likes to scrape her shoes on the edge. Hence another reason NOT to spend a lot of $$ on shoes. I can tell who is who by their: TALK, WALK, THE WAY THEIR HAIR LAYS, VOICE, even by their WHINE!!!! But I love their differences.

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