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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweat shop? Maybe!

Okay. So I'm a horrible rememberer and I forgot to get pics of the cousins from California and we forgot the camera for Englands 2nd Birthday Party. Maybe our next outing...which is the fair this weekend. Forget about learning your ABC's....we need to move on to more important things like ironing, foot massages, mommy hair combings and laundry folding. Now... if i could just get them to fix their own bowl of cereal in the morning I'd be set. I have to keep in mind that anything left out is always half gone. Here,you want to help mommy Windex the window? Good! 10 minutes later....Windex bottle half empty! Here, you want the Cheerio box on the table? Okay. Ran upstairs to change into gym clothes....Cheerio box half gone. Bowls overflowing, Rocky lapping up the O's as fast as he could go, a nice neat row lining the couch from corner to corner. So...bad idea about them doing things themselves but they are helping out a lot more. I just have to supervise! A few funny quick wit comebacks by Sadie: In the car on the way home I told Sadie to lick the sucker not bit it or it could break her teeth. She replied," Or I could crack my one teeth like Wawa(lara)" On the couch I was telling Trista to drink water because it is good for her and it will keep her well. Sadie quickly replied "because eating your boogers Trista will make you sick" I have told her that before. The summer is coming to an end. School is in session and the pool hours are less because we all know that SAHM have tons of other things to do to entertain their three and half ALMOST Four year olds. They did have two days of Gymnastics camp this summer which they loved. I scan the local Groupon and Living social deals to get discounts on family fun and I've found quite a few. They even had one for Cheese making in Gallatin. Who'da ever thought? We passed on that since they had to be 7 but next time I'd totally do that:) I have since remebered STARFALL. They know how to navigate the mouse for the computer really well and can go thru all the ABC's. They has been hours of entertainment and learning;) while I scrubbed the kitchen floor today!

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