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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big girls....yes indeed! New BathroomD

We are trying to encourage them to use their bathroom so we can have ours back. So....I decided to make it more inticing. Probably a good idea I didnt give them the choice (we have years of that to come;) I think we would have ended up with 2 shower curtains....probably Cars and Hello Kitty. I wanted to change it but not have to paint the walls even though I'm considering that too. I already had the chocolate towels. They needed new stools so they can brush their teeth and reach the sink. So far this week they've been showering all by themselves. (I can see a high water bill in the near future) This really does show just how big they are getting!!

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merryheathre said...

I want a bathroom like that! :) Very cute, Amber.