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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

When I think of Mothers day--my mom and mother-in-law come to mind first. I love to think of what I could get them that would let them know that I'm so thankful to have them both in my life. Now that I am a mom it makes me appreciate even more my mom and what she did for me growing up. It makes me think of the times that I maybe didnt listen or that I would not give up till I got that toy or candy before leaving the store. It makes me think of all the times I probably made her think she was about to go crazy. As an adult and now as a mom these are the things that I remember that made me love my childhood. They are little things and kinda silly but its what makes me want to say THANK MOM. I loved having a pool growing up--it was the highlight of my childhood. I loved how you use to put tea bags in a glass pitcher and set it on the diving board to make sun tea when we lived in Arizona. I loved how we would thru Wendys' and you'd get me a happy meal sometimes before heading to meet dad at the CHURCH;). I loved my Snoopy snow cone maker....still obsessed with snow cones till this day. I loved how you'd let me eat the raw dough after kneading it. I loved how you made me crushed ice when I was sick...(see obsessed with shaved ice) I loved how we would watch the Golden girls on the small TV in your room at the house in Gallatin. I loved and remember the year you got me the coolest Easter basket with a giant white bunny with long pink satin ears. I love how you got me a giant bubble gum machine for my room. I loved how you let me try and quit all kinds of things...piano, viola,gymnastics,flute..dont forget ballet:) I love how you bought me a favorite outfit I wanted I LOVED that you were a stay at home!! I loved that you let me drive to my first job before I could drive legally. I loved how you loved to travel I love how you know how to cook ethnic food better than some ethnic people. I loved how you let me be me. I love how you trusted me. And I loved that I could give you that trust back(admit it...I was a pretty good kid) I loved how you'd encourage me to try,try, try again. I love how you didnt fuss too much over an occasional C or D as a grade in school. I love how you've taught me to "add a dash of this and a dash of that" when I'm cooking. I love the life you and dad gave me but most of all I love having you as a mom and all the thinks you continue to do!! Love you mom. Happy Mothers Day!

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