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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sailing with Papa Tom and Mimi

This past weekend we made a fun, quick trip to Chattanooga. I had originally had a Lacrosse game scheduled but it got canceled. How do you tell two little girls that are obsessed with their MIMI and PAPA TOM that we are not going. Well, I didnt and we went anyway! Chris was left behind tackling a HUGE project cutting down 6 massive pine trees that lined our driveway. Although they were beautiful, big and created a nice barrier to the neighbor they were a pain. The needles and the sap all over our cars they had to go. We plan to plant something else soon. Chris sure did miss out cause Papa Tom dusted off the sail on his 26 foot sailboat and off we sailed! Mom, be sure to show dad. We were kealed over pretty good. It was a great breeze that day. Papa Tom thought we got up to about 5 or 6 knots. SO FUN!! It was so relaxing, for me anyway as I sat at the helm smellin the Chicamauga dam air:) What better way to start a sailboat adventure than with a FISHY lunch. After church we headed out for a picnic. Mimi thinks of it bread, shark crackers and jello jigglers. The girls loved it all. We love you guys!!Thanks for a GREAT weekend!

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