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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My summer sunflowers

Before I forget, an update on our Garden!! It is doing fabulous! I have managed to keep everything a live. We had a perfect little strawberry go from green to red.....that a squirrel must have enjoyed:) but other than that it looks great! I am always so fascinated how it seems like it changes overnight. I cant wait. Pictures to come soon but we have done a whole revamp of our landscape. Thanks to Teton, a friend that owns a nursery helped us out. He did about $2000 worth of work for $500(thank you Lacrosse) We moved everything from the front to the back practically. We planted two dogwood trees up front, a crape myrtle and box bushes in front. I (yes, I) moved 22 plants to different locations. Landscape work is a workout!! I would work in the yard 4-5 hours and then go to Lacrosse and I was beat. We painted the stone grill and put landscape all around. We are putting a small deck around the hot tub in two weeks, we stained our master deck and put new posts. It is slowly coming together. Wont be putting it on the market this year but I think it will be ready to go next summer. I am tackling the project of getting a community boat dock(since that seems to be our biggest hangup why it wont sell) with our neighbor. Hopefully that will work out. Anyway, now back to fun information. I decided to fix the girls hair or i should say they agreed to let me fix their hair so I got them all fixed up. It was a beautiful day. They picked out their boots. I wish I could say we were going to a friends house to play or a tea party with lady friends but really they were all fixed up only to go get MULCH from Youngs Nursery down the road. They were the cutest mulch getters.

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