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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fall....Winter....SUMMER! Its small but I aint no green thumb either

I think we completely skipped spring. Its blazin hot outside already. This past weekend was a labor of love. The girls took several trips with me, three to be exact, to the nursery to get top soil and some stuff called HOLY COW...its full of castings and rich fertilizer- for our first, on my own, garden. I am so proud of my back breaking, 2 days of shoveling dirt garden! Chris and Glen built the above ground part out of landscape logs (i call em Lincoln logs:) Thank you, hun!
I planted squash,zucchini,onions, peppers, cucumbers, red leaf lettuce, tomatoes(2 kinds), strawberries, basil and cilantro. And I bought broccoli but the instructions say to keep in 50- 70' temp...SERIOUSLY?! So, not sure what I'm gonna do about about that other than set it over my AC vent....IN THE HOUSE! So I got a little carried away and didn't read the label on that one.
I'm excited though. I did cheat! I just bought them already started. The lady at the nursery said I missed the month to grow them from seeds (January evidently)

It may be a small garden but then again I am no green thumb so I am starting out small.
The girls are loving being outside although I am not too thrilled cause I'm pouring sweat by 10am. They were covered from head to toe the other day with dirt and right before I left for Lacrosse they were playing in the bomb fire ash...Chris was thrilled about that when he came home:)
They have bruises, cuts and scrapes, black feet and dirt from behind their ears to under their nails. I love how they love to get dirty. They are really enjoying their play house (thanks Juju) and picnic table--we eat lunch out there almost everyday...they remind me. And in June we head to the water park in Indiana..we are excited!
I'll let you know how the garden goes, three days in and I've managed to kill the lettuce. We might just starve this summer!

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