Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crazy, red haired, hello kitty lovin girls

They kinda have crazy hair every morning, unless Chris baths them the night before which they'll wake up with it all nice an neat. He takes the time to comb their hair. This particular morning though they wanted to show me what "big girls" they are and undress. They know how to get each button undone. Trista last week took her entire outfit, went up stairs and put everything on herself. I was so surprised and proud of her. They are both sleeping thru the night without diapers!!! We have our accidents but hey DONT WE ALL!;) Trista has been without a night time diaper for a long time, over a year but Sadie was just being a little lazy and took her longer. They also, as you will see in the picture, they love taking pictures. Trista took the one of Sadie and I together. Not bad. I told her to make sure she could see our faces in the square. They are so fun to watch grow, change, discover new things, say new things, REMEMBER new things. At this age you literally have to tell them one time and they will remember it. Bahahahah! I just laughed reading that last sentence. Unless of course you are asking them to finishing eating, pick up their toys, get in the car, put your shoes on and so on and so on!!:) We sure do love our crazy haired little monkeys.

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