Growing up too fast....

Monday, March 5, 2012

Trista, my big girl!

She didn't know I was watching her. She was concentrating to hard to get her shoes back on herself.
Trista loves to do everything herself. "No, I do it" Trista is a little more laid back, little more cautious, and little less sneaky. She's a big help around the house. I love being able to tell them something to go get for me and they can do it. She loves to clean up her spills, pour her own juice or cereal, pop her own Edammame shells, use a knife to cut her own pancake, measure the ingredients when I'm baking, stir the eggs, dress and undress herself. She's such a big girl. She's gone without for over a year and for months she has been without a diaper at night. Trista weighs 33lbs and is 34 inches tall.
She loves her chapstick, dollies, stickers, Hello Kitty purse. She says her favorite color is BLUE.

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