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Monday, March 5, 2012

Titi comes bringing goodies!!

Titi, we always love it when you visit. The girls went right up to you and gave you a hug as if it was yesterday they saw you. Aun(ti-ti-ti)aka TITI makes thee best eggrolls. Even though I told her we could make them while she was here she said it was easier for her to just bring up some packages that she had already made. So, I didnt argue!
She brought goodie bags for the girls which they loved and are still carrying them around during the day, boiled peanuts, stir fried rice and EGGROLLS!!
I(we) love it when you visit and NOT just because you bring us eggrolls.
Uncle Bill told lots of stories, we walked and talked by the lake on a log stump and just relaxed. Hope you had a relaxing time titi. Thank you for watching the girls too while I went to my Lacrosse game.
As I've alwasy said...COME ANY TIME!!
It warms my heart to know that you took care of me at the age the girls are and now my girls are getting to spend time with the same Titi I know and love!
You have a special place in my heart.

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