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Monday, March 26, 2012

E. Lucile Carlson May 15, 1931 - March 19, 2012

We all knew her as Nana. Chris describes her as a babushka, better known as a Russian grandmother, although I don't think he she has any Russian in her.
I've known Nana for 18 years. When I started dating Chris my junior year in high school that is when I met Nana.
When I think of Nana I think of...
A guttural laugh, head thrown back with a loud holler
Every hair in place and amazingly how it looked exactly the same for the 18 years I knew her
Natural remedies
Strong hands
Mary Kay
A good listener
A talker
but most of all what I respect about Nana is that she was REAL. What you saw is what you got. She told you exactly like it was. I like that in a person. She didn't sugar coat anything.
We went over Saturday for the service and as soon as we go there the girls asked where Nana was. Nana seemed to know just what to get the girls. One christmas she got them rocking horses, this last year she got them colorful dolls and big book reading pillows! I wish she could have been around longer for the girls to know her.
You will be missed, Nana.

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