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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh Sadie Bug, You're our funny girl.


Sadie LOVES her gloves. She loves her dollies and her stuffed animals and all her stickers, chap stick, cookies and eating out of her monkey and hello kitty bowl, she loves her "star" cereal. That's what I get for taking them down the Cereal isle at the grocery store. I had a weak moment and bought them Dora cereal.
Sadie likes to burp...out loud. I told her "Sadie, I hope when you have tea with the queen that you don't burp like that"
I definitely think she's our tom boy.

A few things we are working on at the moment:
1)Trying to learn our ABC' the correct order. Sadie only likes the L M N O P part.
2)Chew with your mouth closed, don't eat while you are talking, burp with your mouth closed and say excuse me after.
3)Drink your water first thing in the morning
4)Make your bed in the morning
Boy...a few of those don't sound familiar at all, do they ;)

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