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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Chatty

Thank you Mom and Tom for a great Christmas. We love your new place, we loved the home cooked food and the fun stockings, singing up front of a huge church audience;), hangin out with two of the coolest love birds in Chatty, the CHICAGO Xmas Music blaring(carlson's love it loud too) and taking home the hot tub! The girls got embroidered towels with their names on them that Erin made( so cute), kitchen utensils for their play house, dolls and Disney pillows from the grandparents and $$$$ that will be used for our trip to Indiana this summer to take the girls to the water park! Thank you Mimi and Papa Tom.

The second half of our Christmas break was spent in Dyersburg with Mom, dad, Aunt Faye and Grandmom and Granddad. Thanks for all the stocking goodies(we love those stockings), all the goodies for the girls--we made the mickey mouse cupcakes today and they loved it. Chris and I also enjoyed cleaning out the storage room on the side of the Grandparents house in trade for my Granddads 1991 Ford Truck. We are proud to keep it in the family and if anyone is to have a vehicle and take care of it like it should be, its Chris. We've already used it a couple times to make trips to Lowe's. Thanks Aunt Camille!


Mimi Hayes said...

It was SO much fun having you all for our first Christmas in Chatty! As Grandparents, there's nothing we like more than the chatter and patter of our kids and grandkids in our home!

Carlson said...

glad you got an account for blogspot:)