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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Early Birthday from JUJU!


In all fairness, Juju wanted to get them the mack daddy of all playhouses but being the thrifty person I try to be I found this playhouse/fort for the girls right across the street. Our neighbor is selling his house and was wanting to get rid of a few things so after much diliberating(me getting my way) Chris finally decided that the girls did need something to play on. The neighbor paid $1400 for it brand new 4 years ago. It was built by the Amish so we know its good quality! It was covered in green algae, totally weathered out and sun beaten. Lucky for us the neighbor who we bought it from owns a crane business. He picked that playhouse up and drove it in the air over to our next door neighbors driveway, shimmied it between our house and our neighbors(good thing they were gone that day) and streched his crane out as far as he could go and lowered it right by our back patio steps. Chris and a few hefty friends moved it 30 more feet down the hill to its final desination. I, on the other hand, spent 2.5 hours pressure washing and 7 hours staining... it sure looks brand new to me. Juju I know what you were willing to spend BUT this sure did save you a lot of money!
Thank you so much mom! They love it and have played on it for hours already. I have a shelf and kitchen set complete with plastic food, plates and cups in it that came with it. It even has a little mop so they can pretend and practice cleaning. Now all they need are a couple chairs and a some flower boxes----;)
Thanks,mom - I remind them everyday that Juju got them their playhouse!

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