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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never a dull moment

First it was Geisha women in the house now its Ghosts! And once again its always when they are way too quiet upstairs and I am busy "cleaning" up another mess downstairs that I always find them getting into something they shouldn't be. I knew this because NORMALLY they are fighting over something that the other one wants but this particular time they were laughing. They were laughing for awhile but I couldn't quite think of what they could be having so much fun over upstairs. I did a mental check in my head---bathroom doors locked....check. Powder bottle that fell behind the bed the night before.....Oh Shoot! I skipped every other step going up but it was WAY too late and so the pictures show the fun time they had.
The bottle was empty and here is where it ended up.
If any other mother has experienced this they know that powder does not stay where its "sprinkled" goes EVERYWHERE. There was a nice layer of "dust" all over the bed, pillows, furniture, down the hallway floors, in the bathroom and over into the other bed room. So, when I went to suck it up with the Dustbuster it started to just blow it out the back cause the Dustbuster canister was too full. UGH!
The best part to this story was that we had a real estate showing on the house within an HOUR!! Gotta love my life!

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