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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Happenings

This month, once again, has flown by. Titi and Uncle Bill came to visit. I love how the girls havent seen Titi in months and they greet her as if she was here yesterday. Titi- I tried to call you on Friday but no answer. I'll try again tomorrow.
We always enjoy their visit cause Titi is entertainment for the girls for hours plus I was able to get outta the house for a couple of hours and run errands and best of all I get a freezer stocked full of the best home made eggrolls! Thank You Titi- we love when you visit- come anytime- Love you both!

July has been a busy month of YMCA workouts and pool time. The girls are getting more use to the "childcare" thing. Poor Trista's little lip quivers when I drop her off. But it only takes a few seconds and she is busy playing with all the kids. Its funny though cause as soon as I round the corner at the YMCA entrance she starts to say "no play kids, mommy" I tell them that I only ask for ONE hour(okay- sometimes 2 hours) a day and they are going to be just find playing with the kids!
I'm so glad they have each other though when I drop them off.
The adorable cupcakes you see is a cupcake class I took that was so much fun. We learned how to make pigs, dogs and.... kitty cats that you can't see cause the girls were already devouring them. We worked with fondant which I've never been a fan of but surprisingly it tasted pretty good and its come a long way since I last tasted it. The lady's who own the cake place gave us their homemade cupcake recipe and their butter cream frosting recipe- that was the best part.

Did I mention that I'm taking a second language course? Its called trying to learn twin talk. I have interpreted more words that NO ONE would know or figure out unless you were around the girls. My favorite is at night time when we are putting them down for bed they say "no key-do, mommy" which means NO CLOSE DOOR. I love all the new words they are learning and figuring out.

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