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Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 4th- 2011 and Family Visits

Chris and his girls! LOVE THIS PICTURE!
Sadie getting crushed ice with grapejuice after she got her first bee sting.

I actually thought I could get out of the two's with no marker/crayon madness. NOT.
These crazy 2 year olds. Turned my back for 10 minutes (to cook lunch) and knew they were way too quiet. Found them with the green crayon having their own art class on our french doors. I quickly fell in love with a cute little bald guy(not chris) name Mr. Clean(magic eraser). Those things are awesome. Took that stuff right off.
Its been fun weeks and weekends filled with the pool, the pool and the pool...oh and blueberry picking tomorrow.....then the pool:)
The girls spent three days with their second cousins over in Dyersburg, Tn and they always come back talking WAY more. And its such a nice little vacation for me cause they are entertained non stop...I LOVE IT!
All of us (jonathan and Angela, lara,stephen) were in town for various reasons and it was so nice for us all to be together. Mom got a much a needed break and went to Branson, MO with her sister and a friend from church. Lara flew in from Texas to "play" nurse for the week to give mom a break. The grandparents would LOVE for he to stay full time but Lara told them " you cant afford me, granddad"......I BET THEY COULD!:)

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