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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Never again....will I Target....

Trista is comfortable on her little step
Sadie loves swimming all around
Chris made the girls a Picnic Table! Thanks JUJU for the $$ to get the supplies! The love it.
and let them out of the buggy. What a nightmare. I know for a fact that people were staring at me. Now, I must say I have bragged a few times of how well behaved the girls are in public and for the most part they are. Yesterday in Target...they were good girls but I made the mistake of letting them out of the cart! They went running in different directions. They loved running thru, around and under the clothes racks! My reason for being there was to get a new swimsuit. The swimsuit topic could be used for another blog entirely for itself but for now I'm just gonna say...I found one.
I knew joining the YMCA would be great but I didn't anticipate it taking me an HOUR to get the girls up, fed, cleaned up, dressed and out the door!
Arrived there yesterday at the busiest hour 9:20(all the best classes starting) only to be turned away at the childcare door because there were too many kids and they had started a waiting list. Which brings me to my story of TARGET because I decided to run errands instead.
This morning, however, we were there by 9:15 and I made it to my 9:30 spin class. I was a happy camper.
Love the Dance it Up Class. It is awesome.
So back to my little crazy monkeys in target. I got the swimsuit, bought Sadie a new little floaty since her butt crack was showing thru the one that I bought at the yard sale last summer.....its what you get when you pay a $1.00!
They both like the water. Sadie jumps in and swims all over. Trista definitely more reserved- She's gonna take her time with it. I'm not gonna push her.
They are my busy bodies.
The last few times I've left them at the childcare at the Y Trista little lips starts to quiver and she does not want me to leave. She is a mama's girl. Sadie just looks at me as if to say- see ya in an hour,mom. Sadie could careless if I leave or not.
It breaks my heart to leave her. I know now why I could not drop them off at daycare.
Hoping to start them at Mothers Day Out in August for 1 or 2 days a week. We'll see how that goes!

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Mandy said...

Holy Cow! They turned you away? I have never heard of them doing that before. That is insane. Sorry about Target, lol!