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Monday, May 2, 2011

Thelma & Louise go CAMANDO....I mean Rambo style.

Sadie in the seat and Trista under the hood!

I just couldnt resist.
You know its the end of the day, and three outfits later that I'm just exhausted trying to keep their clothes/bottoms on. Chris is somewhat disgusted with the fact that I've taught them to squat and go Pee pee in the grass. That's what they do oversea's. Right, mom? Right, Titi? I guess I just have to reiterate to them that its only okay to do it in our back yard and on our grass-- not other peoples:)
This past weekend was so nice and we are outside all the time. I'm so thankful we have such a great backyard for the girls to play. I think the truck will be the highlight for the summer along with their new pool that I need to go get. I'm just trying to figure out a day when i want to go strap this huge round pull to the hood of the car and drive home! I, of course, did not buy the green monster for them. My neighbor who has a little boy has TWO and he "doesnt ride this one anymore" said the mom, so they gave it to the girls. These battery operated "vehicles" are around $200 and the battery alone is $100!
They LOVE it! Chris said it sure beats the pink corvette. WHAT?! It beats a corvette!?!
They take turns riding it and as you can tell today they were having a little bit of "trouble" under the hood!:)

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