Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not one, not two but THREE.....

Packed our bags for the zoo two weeks ago and had the camera in the bag. Never took the camera out, never took a picture, never left the stroller unattended and came home with NO camera. UGH!!
Thanks sister for letting us use your camera this past week.

That will be three camera's in two years.
Can't talk much more about it or my blood will start to boil again.

This week just feels different for me. Sadie and Trista are becoming little girls and I love it! They understand almost everything I say or ask them to do.

"Mommy will spank. One, two, three" are too familiar of a phrase in our household.
It works for us and most the time I don't get past one.

They are active little girls who love their dolls, their pink cash register, chapstick, mommy's makeup, brushing my hair, dressing up in their tutu's and green rain boots, putting on their socks, shoes and pants. They are happy little girls and are into everything!

They take one nap in the afternoon and I love how they walk up and get in the bed themselves. Ahhhh!
Life is getting easier. I still feel in survival mode sometimes but I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

These pictures were taken today and I all I said was "smile" and they did. I hadn't tried that one before:) For two years I've been making funny faces and jumping up and down. Awe....they are growing up so fast.

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