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Monday, February 14, 2011

February's Festivities

Sometimes I have to think of how old I'm going to be. Thirty-three still seems young so I'm gonna leave it at that. I only had one request for my birthday and that was ice cream cake. Thanks Erin for my ice cream cake!
Celebrated the weekend before with the Carlson/Carter clan. We indulged on fajitas', ice cream cake and a movie.
Went to mom and dads for my birthday where Lara made my favorite- Carrot Cake and we celebrated with Mom and dad, Krugers and Grandmom & Grandad. The rest of my day was spent traveling back in the Tennessee blizzard which was very interesting but we made it home safe and sound. Thank you everyone for a great 33rd birthday.

Sixteen years ago, Valentines night, was when Chris and I had our first date. It was our first Valentines Banquet and that was 1995!. Chris was 15 at the time so I was the one that picked him up and met HIS dad at the door with a shot gun. Well, not really but I did have to meet his dad first. I remember letting him drive home from the stop sign when he lived in the Gallatin house. We did a little bit of bucking with the manual car I drove but he caught on pretty quick.
Time has really flown. So many good memories and now with two little munchkins running around I cant even keep up with the days!

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