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Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Manic Sunday

See....I wasn't lie'n about the laundry!

Around here everyday is a bit manic. What is up with February? This has been a crazy month. Birthday, Valentines, Wedding, Lacrosse, Real Estate, Consignment Sorting, oh and taking care of two very active toddlers!
I don't usually leave things till the last minute but this weekend has been busy and I waited till the night before to tag over 100 items for a consignment sale today. I think of myself a pretty good multi-tasker but then again what MOTHER isn't. Sometimes I feel like I can't catch up on things. Laundry was piled up from Friday, dishes in the sink from Saturday night, two snot nosed kids running around half naked and a rec. room that looks like a tornado hit it made it one manic Sunday.

NOTE TO SELF: Never tag again during the middle of the day when the girls are awake. They had my hangers, postcards, baggies and safety pins strung everywhere. Not to mention all the outfits from last summer that they wanted to try on. All this selling and one would think that we are done having kids.......that's another blog for another time:)

Consigning is something I got into last year. I don't necessarily buy from consignments but I do sell and last summer seemed to be a profitable year for the girls savings account.

Anyway- this is what I walked up on when it had been quiet for a bit too long. At least Sadie didn't shut the door on Trista and push the START button!

Thanks Erin for the hangers at 9:00 lastnight so I could complete my task.

After this one I get to re-tag everything that doesn't sell to be ready for the next one in a month.
A lot of work for a little money but I'm not complaining.


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merryheathre said...

Such cuties! You must be on your toes all the time!