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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Bash in Dyersburg

Grandmom Thurmon turns 95
Levi Bearman
Amy Gilley Bearman and Ethan Bearman
Levi and the ladies!
January 9th was Grandmom Thurmon's 95th and Levi's 3rd Birthday.
Every year Amy, Ethan and Levi have made a special trip to celebrate with Grandmom Thurmon in Dyersburg.
For lunch we indulged in homemade mushroom oatmeal burgers and Amy made homemade sweet potato fries that were so YUMMY. A strawberry cake for grandmom and a carrot cake for Levi finished the day perfectly. We were so glad to be able to celebrate with everyone. Love you Grandmom. Love you Levi.

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