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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frosty the Snowwomen TURN TWO

Cant believe you are two! Where has time gone?! You sported your snowman hat well.....for the few seconds they were on. You know it's bad when you plan your kids birthday party theme around a bag full of $2.00 holiday plates and accessories that I purchased from a garage sale in JULY!(they were all in their original plastic in case some of you were wondering if they were opened:)Lara sewed the buttons on their white onesie and I put together their hats. Thanks to good ole Duncan Hines boxed cake mix and Google for finding the easiest SNOWMAN cake recipe. I think I spent more time on covering the cardboard box for the cake to lay on! We had family and our good friends over for the girls second birthday celebration. Thanks to all who came to share this two year mile marker in their lives. Sadie and Trista you are both loved so unconditionally.
Trista- I LOVE.....
how you give us big smiles showing your precious dimples
how you are usually first awake talking in the morning
how independent you are
to watch you give kisses to your sister
how you say "daddy" when Chris comes thru the front door
how you say the word balloon-"ba-luddleluddle"
how you take Rocky his bowl and want him eat
how you'll bring me a book and crawl up in my lap
it when you give me kisses
your little double chin when you sleep in your car seat
ALL 25 lbs of you. Love, mom and dad
how you are so quick to give mommy and daddy kisses
the smile you get on your face when you see me or daddy first thing in the morning
your sneaky smile when you know you shouldn't be doing something
how you pat your sisters back if she's crying
how you rubbed my back the to other day when I asked
how you are such a thinker and observer
how you would help me when Trista was potty training:)
ALL 25.5 lbs of you! Love, mom and dad

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