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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the birds!

SHE(TRISTA) WEARS THEM PROUDLY-Until Tinkerbell gets wet!
This potty training is frankly for the birds. This would be much easier in the summer where they can just streak all over the backyard. Its 20degrees outside and they dont want to put their clothes back on sometimes after going potty. Clothes are overrated anyway!
We should have invested in M&M stock. Actually they were eating so many in a day that I went and got the mini one's. Seems to be perfect motivation for Sadie.
Sadie figured that if she just dribbles a little every five minutes she gets more candy-smarty pants. She will come tell me that she has to go, pull her pants down herself, pee, empty in the big potty and the grand finale of waving and saying "bu-bye to it as it goes down the toilet. I told Chris our water bill is going to be crazy with all the flushes. Trista is on strike! Our strong willed child did good for a couple days and then decided she didn't want to go potty anymore. She just says "Na" She thought that if she just sat on the potty and didn't do anything that she'd still get an M&M, gummie fruit(the ones you left mom) or a sticker. Multiple rewards tends to help them stay focused- Trista anyway. I must say they've both gone on the big potty which will eliminate the potty chair all together.
Thanks to my other mom's of muliples that can relate- your advice has been so helpful- this is an exhausting task! Maybe its better that its one at at time- for my sanity.
So proud of them both. Trista we'll try again in a week or when she seems ready.


Kelly said...

I've decided to wait until the spring to start potty training mine. I feel like they will be more ready then and it will be better for them to go around with no clothes on when it's warmer. Also I don't want to deal with having potty breaks every 10 minutes during birthday and Christmas festivities this month. That's just my 2 cents!!
Kelly Weaver

The Carlson's said...

Hi Kelly,
I so wish I could have waiting but they really made the move. Its going well just a very daunting task. I'm so proud of them though. Good to hear from you. Hope you have great Xmas. Amber