Growing up too fast....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gimme a one and two and three

I do wish they made these leggings in my size.
The cold weather is fast approaching and although I should be gladly welcoming it after his crazy HOT summer---I still don't want it to come. I do NOT like the cold. It quickly reminded me how fast the girls are growing up because yesterday I spent a couple hours during their nap taking out all their cute summer outfits and replaced them with velvet jogging suits, leg warmers and JEANS. They haven't worn jeans until this season and I have to say they are just the cutest little things in them. THATS when it hit me- they are growing up so fast. Believe it or not I still carry them both up the stairs....most of the time for their naps and they are getting heavy- not sure how much longer I will be able to do it. Booster seats went bye bye and for the past few weeks they've been eating at their very own table. I have even been "training" them to the bring their plate to the sink when they are done- after all I had to do it when I was younger and they do such a good job. They are slowly learning their favorite words such as: Bye bye, Hi, Mimi, Juju, Wawa(Lara), ice, pease(please)ball and of course mommy and daddy. Sadie I think knows more words than she's leading on- she tends to talk internally if you know what I mean. Not sure t
what thats all about:)
Potty training as been "talked" about and shown by example but I gotta admit I am not thrilled at all about doing this.....with TWO! Lately we've stayed busy with trips to the library, story hour at the book store and even a fieldtrip to Gallatins Recycle center...okay so I'm desperate to get out of the house. They are keeping us busy as you can tell my posts get further apart. Bare with me-I'm trying.

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