Growing up too fast....

Monday, July 26, 2010

There is no place like Mom and Dads

Thanks Mom for such a relaxing week. I know it was short notice but that's usually all I get when I know Chris has to go to Michigan. I always feel like I'm on vacation when I come. Good ole home cooked meals, the best tastin well water and a personal army of baby watchers(thanks cousins). The girls loved scoping the house for Coco the kitty while finding dozens of little what-nots to displace around the house. Mom- I'm sure you are still finding things in places they shouldn't be. You didn't seem to mind at all- thanks for being such a great JuJu to the girls. Dad -enjoyed watching you work so hard at therapy- keep it up you are doing great! Goes to show that I have not and SHOULD not mow the lawn. I wanted to be the good daughter and mow the back yard for mom when I got there on Monday and after thirty minutes I managed to plow into the apple tree, crack the front plastic off the mower and shake half the tree of apples to the ground.Sorry Mom- that back yard is a beast- I say forget it- just let it grow:) I officially don't have to mow our yard now that Chris heard the story. YEAH!!

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