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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zoo day hooray 1 2 3 how many animals will we see?

I have read that book one too many times. The funniest part is that I know all the words to it without needing the book.
My friend Kristen took us to the Zoo on her membership. The girls loved it especially the petting zoo part. Trista was quite fond of the goats. Dad you would be proud. She just "talked" and "talked" to the goats and followed them around. Sadie- not so much! They loved the kids play zone and I loved getting out of the house.

We were all suppose to drive down to the Nashville Zoo together until I forgot to tell Chris to leave me the car that day. The joys of sharing a vehicle. So I called my friend to tell her we would have to pass on the zoo offer. Within 10 minutes she called me back and had found not one but TWO car seats to borrow from friends, picked us up and brought us home. What an awesome friend.

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