Growing up too fast....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

One year has come and gone and...

Chad Hicks came to visit and the girls loved him. Of course he has practice with Quad nieces and nephew so this was a cinch.

One year has come and I'm now being told by all those empathetical moms of multiples that around 3 or 4years is when it really gets easier!!!!
I told Chris that I feel like I'm still in survival mode sometimes. Its a constant 12 hour day of clean up, pick up and wipe up!
They are each getting their own personality and I love watching that.
My neighbor and I planted a big garden for the summer that consists of squash,zucchini,baby corn,tomatoes, peppers, onions and cucumbers. All sounds good huh? Well Chris and I will be enjoying them the most since the girls aren't so fond of them. I am still sneaking veggies in their food(especially Sadie) I know it will change because as soon as they understand I'm going to pull the "parent" trick and make them sit there till they have had at least a few bites:)I'm such a mean mom.
Now fruit is a different story.

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