Growing up too fast....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Inevitable

Trista has 8 teeth and Sadie has seven. Trista jabbers a lot more and Trista is walking everywhere! See a pattern? We were wrong. Everything we thought Sadie would do first Trista has proved us wrong.
Sadie is definitely our "thinker" as Granddad says it. She seems to speculate everything. She may be our little sceptic. She's not far behind Trista but is taking her good ole sweet time:)
Auntie Larce got them these little backpacks.- okay LEASHES! They kept them on for hours the other day. Thanks sista. Loved all the goodies!
These girls are only semi-spoiled;) and oh so loved.
Thanks mom for their outfits, diapers and all the goodies you brought. Love it when you visit and thanks for watching the girls so I could get some things done at work.

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