Growing up too fast....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I"m a little embarrassed...

Yes we have utencils and yes the floor was clean that day!They thought it would be fun that day to eat their cheerios off the floor.

See mom here's the PROOF I got em!

I hesitated to take these photos and post them but isnt this what having kids are all about- embarrass THEM now so they can embarrass US later.
I had to chuckle with this cause when I was little(not sure if you remember mom) I use to pretend I was a cat/dog and I actually had two tupperware bowls under the kitchen desk, one was full of water and the other cherrios. Oh the things and places our imagination takes us. I had a big imagination when I was little so I'm curious to see who will get that...maybe they both will:)
And just to keep it fair Sadie was doing it too!

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