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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Special Girls deserved a Special Breakfast

Now you see it

Now you don't!

I made them Whole wheat waffles and they devoured it. In fact they ate two waffles with applesauce. Sure beats the old mundane oatmeal and mashed fruit for breakfast.Obviously today was more of a deal for me than it was them but we did have a good day. Thank you Titi for their $$- we drove by the bank and deposited it into their savings account and their cards occupied them while I made their breakfast this morning. I had made cupcakes and took them to the nursing staff at Hendersonville Hospital and the two leftover I thought they would be interested in but no such luck. By 7:00pm and a full tummy of milk they did not want any cake to go with to bed they went.They were born at 10:52(sadie) and 10:53pm(trista). I'm almost tempted to wake them up just to squeeze them and tell them Happy Birthday & that I love them and how happy they've made our lives!


Mary Kate said...

Happy Birthday Trista & Sadie!!!

The Carlson's said...

Thank you Mary kate- that was so sweet of you to remember. Merry Christmas.