Growing up too fast....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful.......

Sadie on Left Trista on right

.....but inside it's so delightful
Two little girls having fun
Turning one, turning one, turning one
I sat down to do some B-day party planning and couldn't help but get teary eyed about the whole thing.This year has had challenges,required tons of patience and given us many rewards- thanks to the support of my family and POTATO- ladies I couldn't do it without your help! Motherhood is the hardest job I've ever done. Harder than any contract written or any 10 hour day at work. Mom- thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for the first few years of my life that I could not say it myself. All the diaper changes,the rocking to sleep, washing out those cloth diapers,my oh my! Thank you for making me crushed ice when I was sick, packing my lunch and picking me up early from school when I had started "womanhood" to go out to eat and have fun.All the sacrifices you both made- I love you mom and dad!
We are so excited about their birthday party. I've planned a small, intimate gathering with family. Chris has worked hours on the zillion's of pictures taken and I must admit that I took it upon myself to write the girls a poem! (pictures to follow after the 20th)
Trista just jabbers away in a language of her own and Sadie is starting to move with her hands and feet instead of crawling but I am hoping that they can hold off till AFTER our Christmas trip to Walla Walla. Their cute pink birthday hats were made by Aunt Erin- I was so wishing they would keep them on but no such luck. Their birthday is Tuesday, the 15th but we wont have the b-day party till the 20th so special family members can be here- Lara and Grandparents Carlson.


Cathy C said...

Congratulations on this huge milestone! You're doing an awesome job!! Sadie and Trista are just cute for words and it doesn't hurt that their daddy is so talented and creative behind the camera!

The Carlson's said...

Mrs. Crandall-This year has been such a blur but oh so eventful. Congrats to you on grandbaby number two. It was so sad the day I had to pack up the girls hats and jackets you made them. They love their blankets still. Sadie buries her nose in it everytime I lay her down for nap.