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Monday, December 21, 2009

Just a few highlights

and lowlights
Once I mashed the cake down- they devoured it.

Their birthday has almost felt like an Indian Wedding. It lasted not just one day but days! What a great first birthday. We had a nice evening with family members and my wonderful neighbor who has been such a huge help this past year. Trista and Sadie got so many nice things. Juju got them their first table and chairs. Mimi got them their first suitcase. Lots of adorable outfits(Stacey you are gonna love shopping for your baby girl)Mom came over early to help me get things ready(the meal) while I tackled the cake. Pretty proud of my first cake decorating task but I am already getting nervous because next years will have to top this years and so on and so on for the next how many years?:) Thank you everyone for coming.

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Prentices said...

Ha - thanks for the shout out! Your girls' outfits have made me drool from day one. :)

You guys have such a beautiful and photogenic family. Happy bday (again) to the girls and have a safe, easy and wonderful trip. Merry Christmas!