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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mmm Good

Sadie would like to show you how much she enjoys lunch time. I wish this were the case all the time. First off Trista is very serious about meal time. She cleans her tray and then leans over to clear off what Sadie hasnt eaten on her tray. Sadie tends to be a bit more finicky about her food. She knows what bite is next if you are feeding her and if you try and trick her (example: hiding lentils under her noodles she proudly spits them out or smashes them in her hand and tosses them over board for Rocky) So far I have found they they both like peas,squash,avocaodo, noodles of any kind, yogurt, cherrios and fruit.

1 comment:

Prentices said...

GREAT picture. Love that smile!

I might have to try hiding noodles under beans! Ben has opposite taste buds.