Growing up too fast....

Monday, October 26, 2009

A busy weekend in Chattanooga


Karen Landers hugging the girls and new baby Samantha Landers-so precious.
We took a two day trip to Chatti to visit our Florida friends the Landers Family, our biking buddies Billy and Kenny and the Walters.
This would be our first time to sleep in the same room with the girls in their pack an plays-needless to say we tip toed around trying not to wake them. Spent an hour before sundown "off roading" at Prentice Swallow where the girls enjoyed bouncing around- so much that they fell asleep for the first 30minutes. Then back to home we came Sunday morning.


Prentices said...

Prentice Swallow? In Chattanooga? What's that!?

Anonymous said...

Its an off roading place that Ryan Walters took us. It was so much fun, not anything too crazy. Ben would love it- in fact we want to go there and camp, stay a weekend cause there are tons more trails to go on Ryan said. Its about 30 mintues from Collegdale heading down town and then North.How are feeling lately. Love the little fireman. He didnt try to put out any "fire" with his personal hose did he:) Hope all is well. Amber