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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Snack Time, Sippy Cups and one happy DOG!!

So far they only eat solids 2X a day, morning and late afternoon. For some reason today they got fussy before going down for their 2 o'clock nap so I decided to add a little snack time to calm my nerves. I've been working for several weeks to get them on a 10 and 2 o'clock schedule and we are finally there. Why 10 and 2? I don't know- it just helps me plan my day better and if I am showing houses in the evening Chris can feed them solids till I get home to do bath and bottle. Okay- back to snack time. They are so good at their sippy cups. They really chug it down, however Sadie doesn't want to lift a finger to hold it but she's getting there. What could be better than watered down apple/prune juice, soft tofu cubes and sesame seed crackers. The face they made with the raw or should I say unseasoned tofu was hilarious but they did in fact eat it and didn't complain!;) This was the first time I put them in their booster chairs to eat their crackers and can I say that ROCKY loved it. He ate whatever dropped and I loved it cause I didn't have to swiffer up much at all. He did leave the tofu that fell overboard for the dust buster though! Some would say,"cant blame him" but I am a strange duck and I happen to love tofu raw or cooked.
So my friend gives me this Super Baby Foods book cause I want to start making my own food for them. I cooked several sweet potato's scooped out the "goods" and mixed it with some "milk" I wasn't here when Chris fed it to them but he said he was dying laughing cause poor Trista's gag reflex was kickin in every other bite. Guess I better work on getting the texture right. Cant' be that hard, just puree what you want to feed them. Going to do some experimenting with Chic peas to make hummus and lentils for protein. I'm exhausted just thinking about it....Till next time. Peace Out!

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